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Welcome to the Ski to Sea(t) Taste Race

Memorial Day weekend is right around the corner. It definitely won't be the same, but it can be tasty! We have a bunch of fun lined up and will be open for pickups Thurs & Fri 3:0 - 6:30, Saturday 1-4, and Sunday Noon-3:00 this weekend only to keep you fueled.  Monday we remain closed to recharge and remember our country's fallen service members.
A tasty adaptation of Bellingham's legendary Ski to Sea Race

7 Legs of Tasty Cider, Beer, and Seltzer

This Sunday was supposed to be the great Ski to Sea Race. While we can’t all gather and cheer on our friends like we had hoped, we think there should still be some celebration from home! Introducing the Ski to Seat 🛋️: Taste Race! We have come up with a premium tasting of some of our favorite offerings, all paired with each of the 7 legs of the actual race. Our Taste Race Box is available now for $75 ($80 value) - and you can always opt to take on just one or a few legs  

Please note that this tasting is not about the amount of time it takes you to complete it, but how much fun you have while doing it. We encourage you to take it easy and enjoy them over the course of… whatever feels comfortable for you! It’s your Taste Race and you’re all winners. Here’s a breakdown of how our race map looks:

Cross Country Ski | Eve's Cidery - Albee Hill ($17)
Eve’s Cidery comes to us all the way from aCROSS the COUNTRY in New York! This dry, still cider is a delicious way to begin a weekend of tasting.

Downhill Ski/Snowboard | Snowdrift Cider Company - Winter Red ($25)
This cider was the obvious choice for the ski/snowboard leg. It may be springtime, but this Winter Red is amazing in any season!

Running | Alpenfire Cider - Olympic Discovery Trail Cider ($28)
You’ve probably seen this cider in our cooler before. It’s hard to miss in its 1.5 liter bag! This one packs a punch, so it’s a good thing we’re staying seated for this Taste Race.

Road Bike | Lost Giants Cider Company - Elderberry ($2.5)
We love our pals from right down the ROAD at Lost Giants! Their Elderberry is full of flavor and comes in an easy to “ride” with 12oz can.

Canoe | Waveline Seltzer Huckleberry Lime Seltzer ($1.5)
Ride the easy waves with this 4% seltzer! Close your eyes and imagine gliding past some fragrant huckleberry bushes… sip… ahhh.

Cyclocross Bike | Aslan Brewing Company - Batch 15 ($2)
You’ve had a lot of cider at this point - Let’s cross over into a delicious, local beer! The actual Cyclocross leg is only 13 miles, but we’ll go the distance and pretend it’s 15, okay?

Sea Kayak | Portland Cider Co. - Lemon Lime Ciderade ($4)
You’re so close to the finish line! About time you boosted your electrolytes. Portland Cider’s Ciderade is just about the closest you’ll come to getting a sports drink from us. You’ve earned it.

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Margaritas Are Still Going!

We retired the Pina Picante earlier this week in anticipation of some new cocktail launches.  However, the margarita is the clear crowd favorite and is here to stay. 
Order for this Weekend »

Jenny's Birthday is Sunday

She wants to sell cider and see you, so we opened up a pickup window Noon - 3:00 and we created a discount code for her favorite 10 ciders this weekend only
Shop the sale »

If you are still reading, thank you! We're going to keep this week's message fun and hope to communicate some expansion of our offerings in Phase 2 soon. 

Cheers Cider Lovers! We love you to the mountain, moon, sea and back. 

We'll Make This Quick

(and more new stuff) Is Here
and Easier to Order

We really try and keep our emails to once a week to respect your inboxes, but our attempt to make it easy for you to get the new stuff first was kind of a flop.  Sorry for the confusing checkout links (AND THANK YOU FOR THOSE THAT SUFFERED THROUGH! Your cider is allocated to you and getting packed as soon as this is sent.)  

Let's do this right. Second time is the charm, right?

New Cider Highlight Reel

All items are conveniently featured on our home page and available to order now for pickup this weekend (Friday 3:30 - 6:30 or Saturday 1:00 - 4:00) 

* NEW BAUMAN'S CIDER VARIETIES! Strawberry Mojito, Old Fashioned, Peach Bellini, and more. 

* MORE French Cider! You wiped us out of the Kupela cans, LaChouette Rose, Kystin Ginger Pear, and the Amour so we stocked up. Plus, we have a rare treat - a 750ml of Pommeau priced so right! ⁣

*ANGELIC & SPARKLY cans from Alter Ego! Their Brut is a staff favorite for a perfectly dry apple-only cider. Plus their 'Guardian Angel' is a perfect gateway to fruited ciders for dry cider lovers - blueberry and pomegranate balanced perfectly without sticky sweetness.⁣

* TROPICAL Sweet Ciders! D's Wicked Cider Troppi Poppi is reminiscent of POG juice and bright and sparkly. We restocked Schilling's Pineapple Passionfruit Passport for all of your 'take me away' moments too!⁣

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New Cocktail: 'Fauxito'!

OK- one more thing.  Kiersten is back working part-time (YAY!) and on her first day, she whipped up something so special we had to launch it ASAP.   It starts with our first hard seltzer ever, Wild Basin Classic Lime, and then we make a house-made mint simple syrup and pack that up with a generous portion of lime wheels and some fresh mint sprigs from Jenny's garden.  

Thanks as always and we hope you love these new options enough to make up for some email errors! - Jenny, James & now Kiersten too! 

More Cider, More Hours, More HAPPY!

We have some really exciting updates to share with you about our hours, our service improvements, and of course new ciders.

Expanded Pickup Windows

We are now open Tuesday - Friday 3:30 - 6:30, and Saturday 1:00 - 4:00 for order pickup! THANK YOU for your orders and keeping us busy enough to support more volume.  You'll see more options for your pickup window preference on your next order.

We also finally got a chance to document our curbside pickup process. Kristina Gray produced this great video to showcase the sanitization, preparation, and PPE used in packing your orders. We have also worked with the City to reserve three parking spots closest to our front door for customer pickup.  This will be our mode of operation until Phase 2 is announced with confidence.

To add to these exciting improvements, our neighbors Storia Cucina launch takeout and delivery of their fantastic Italian fare starting this Wednesday!

Stay safe, eat, and drink well!

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New Bauman's Cider Flavors 
Exclusive Pre-Order for Mailing List Subscribers 

We are the only source for Bauman's Cider north of Seattle and couldn't be happier to be receiving a brand new shipment this Friday!  We love everything about them, but here's three reasons to rally for Bauman's - 1) It's woman-owned and made by the fabulous Christine Walter, 2) The cidery is the current reinvention of a Century Farm near Portland, Oregon, and 3) IT'S DELICIOUS.  Seriously - everything she's made makes Jenny's list of favorites.  We want to offer mailing list subscribers first dibs.  Shop on these hidden links (no images right now, but still works) to secure your favorite flavors before we release them to everyone Friday:

Strawberry Mojito 500ml Bottles - Light mint with lots of fresh picked strawberry flavor
Peach Bellini 500ml Bottles - Like a champagne cocktail, light and delicately sweet, flavored with farm-fresh peaches
'Old Mule' 500ml Bottles - It's a cider blended with fresh squeezed limes, grated ginger, caramelized brown sugar and aged with a rum staves
Farmer's Old Fashioned 500ml Bottles - Old Fashioned Inspired Cider with Orange Peel and Aged in Bourbon Barrels
Peach Raspberry 500ml Bottles - Sweet from the peaches and tart from the berries, this fun summer cider captures that fleeting summer day where the sun is shining and the berries and peaches are in their prime

New: Berry Mix Six Pack

Can't get enough berry flavor, we have a discounted 6-pack perfect for you.  Two of each: Seattle Cider's Berry Rose (16oz cans), Portland Cider's Peach Berry (12 oz cans), Swift Cider Razzberry (12 oz cans).  
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Free Cider Swag!

In cleaning up, we stumbled on a box of cider swag from some of our favorite brands.  In every order now through this Saturday, we will include something FREE.  Could be a hat, could be a sticker, could be????
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New Cider Cocktails
- One for Each Hand -

Thank you for the enthusiasm (and orders!) of our inaugural cocktail kit, the Pina Picante, last week!  We decided to triple down and keep that live PLUS add two new kits.  One tried and true recipe that's been with us since the beginning - The Ciderlada -  and one brand new concoction perfect for Cinco de Mayo - The Prickly Pearadise Ciderita!

Pickup windows are this Friday (May 1) and Tuesday (May 5) 3:30 - 5:30 or by request.  We hope to expand pickup windows and service in the coming week(s), but are basing that decision on pending announcements from Gov. Inslee.  
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Flavor of the Week = Pineapple!

Pineapple, pineapple, pineapple! We've made it easier than ever for you to enjoy this tropical treat - two cans each of Rev Nat's Viva La Pineapple, Lost Giants Pineapple, and Portland Cider Pineapple Rose. $12 - Limited quantities

Pre-Order Tieton's New
Hazy Strawberry!

We'll have it in stock for pickup Tuesday May 5th. Description from Tieton, "The blend of hand-picked juicy strawberries fused with fresh-pressed cider makes for a perfect summer beverage. Pours as a ruby blush, with sweet strawberry upfront and a tart apple finish." - Sounds delicious and we can't wait to try!
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We sincerely hope you are staying healthy - both physically and mentally. Thank you for sticking with us! - Jenny & James on behalf of the Thousand Acre Team

Stop, Collaborate, and Drink...?

Our first beer collab is ready and there's more French cider in route to satisfy all of your tastebuds.

Introducing "Step by Step" Hoppy Blonde Ale 

We brewed a crisp and crushable blonde ale with Stemma Brewing back in March. The intention was to throw a release party during Bellingham Beer Week, but as with all things theses days plans changed.  Silver lining is we now have some of Stemma's first ever 16oz cans! Now available for ordering here.

$4 single cans or $15 four packs while supplies last. Plus you’ll be helping both of Stemma and Thousand Acre staff - $500 is going back to our teams impacted by the Covid-19 closures.⁣

A bit about the beer - We call it ‘Step by Step’ because we are both the newest kids on the Bellingham craft beverage block  Tasting notes from the brewer, “Crisp and clean. Light bodied, easy drinking blonde ale with an extra dose of hops. Simcoe and experimental hop HBC 586 give a refreshing hop flavor reminiscent of kiwi fruit.”

More French Cider in Route!

Take a tasty 'trip' to France this weekend! We have 13 new or restocked ciders from Normandy, Brittany, or the Basque region in France.  If you've never tasted French cider, now's the time.  If you've already had some, you know you are hooked and just can't get the same flavor over here in the states. 

Shop now to get your order in for Friday pickup. We are so excited to see some available in smaller formats - even a can! - to keep entry price points low and make it totally feasible to finish the drink solo. We might be known to take down a 750ml on a sunny afternoon, so we won't judge if that's your plan too 🤪⁠ ⁠

Remember to use code 'Case10' to save 10% on all orders over $25! If you have questions about French Cider or want assistance shopping all of our selection, drop us a line.
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We hope you are remaining healthy, relief is coming your way, and you are finding some joy in these strange days.  

-Jenny & James on behalf of the Thousand Acre team