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 Why Cider? 

Cider, often called 'hard cider' in the US, is a fruit wine made from apple juice at its purest form.  Cider is unlike beer in the sense that it is not brewed; meaning no heat is applied to start fermentation and flavor development.   A lot like craft beer, cider is an approachable and fun beverage to sip and share. 

Apples, the core product in all cider are the main flavor sources.  What's exciting about cider is that something as seemingly simple as the apple can lend itself to so many flavor profiles.  Cidermakers can also creatively use the addition of other fruit, spices, herbs, barrel-aging, and more to create an array of sensory experiences.

At Thousand Acre Cider House, we feature a wide variety of cider styles and genuinely enjoy sharing the story of how each is unique.